Western Saddle Repair

Western Saddle Repair Price List 2024

      Saddle repairs will be quoted. Final pricing will depend on factors involved once saddle is dis-assembled. Time frames for repair will vary depending on condition of leather and saddle.  Typical repair cost for average condition and build for materials and time below. Repair prices subject change without notice. I use Hermann Oak #1 grade skirting leather and #1 grade genuine wool shearling.

Shop rate: $42.00 hr.

Replace broken tree $1,800 and up
Repair broken tree - $ 1400 and up
Stirrup Leathers with new Blevins buckles $295
New Blevins buckles Installed $110
Fenders and stirrup leathers 3" $450
Fenders and stirrup leathers 2 1/2" $425
Reline stirrups $55
New rigging (dee or ring) $350
Flat Plate or In Skirt Rigging $425
Reline Skirts with 6 new strings $375
New strings Installed $20 each
Recover horn $175
Put in new horn $450
Sew horn cap metal $50
Sew horn cap wood $75
Wrap horn new mulehide installed $50
Latigo Installed $50
Latigo half Breed Installed $50
Hobble latigo keeper Installed $25
New 5/8" rope strap  $30
New 5/8" rope strap with Oregon crossover buckle
Latigo Hanger $35
Latigo Hanger with built in breast collar dees $65 ea.
Breast collar dees $40 ea.
Twist and wrap $175
New fork cover $325
New seat $500
Padded seat (quilted add $75) $350
New cantle binding straight up $125
Cheyenne roll binding $200
Rawhide cantle binding add $50
Flank cinch 4" lined and stitched $150
Flank cinch 6” lined and stitched $175
Billets lined and stitched per pair $120
Clean, warm oil $65 and up
Complete restoration with warm oil and sealer $120 and up

Saddles not picked up within 60 days of completion will be sold

Oklahoma sales tax  with no Farm Tax exemption

Prices exclude any tax or shipping
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